Tuesday, October 29, 2002

This blog will be on semi-hiatus while I get my head in some kind of shape to make observations that are more than just groaning about dog crap and traffic. The truth is, I just don’t have much time for reflection (or observation) these days, and it’s stultifying the blog. We’ll resume when things chill out and I find a less commuteful way of making a living. I will occasionally report in when I see something worth writing about, but don’t expect the every day note.

I leave you (for now) with a parting observation: Only in Manhattan do moms push the baby carriage in black tights and knee-high boots. And of course, only here do they use said baby carriage as a battering ram to get across traffic.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Have you ever been to Edinborough? There’s a lot of dogshit there. As I was walking through a particularly thoroughly poop-mined stretch of NYU dormitory this morning, I suddenly thought of Edinborough.

There are signs threatening legal action, financial disciplinary measures (i.e., large fines), and general ostracism from polite society (which makes sense; I mean, who considers it polite to leave their dogshit in big piles for everyone else to ruin their shoes on?). And yet, if you’re not walking with eyes glued to the sidewalk in front of you, you’re liable to ruin a pair of shoes every time you set foot outdoors in Edinborough. What is it with people?

I would have thought this particular bit of rudeness to be characteristic of bad, lawless New York. But no, here you see many dog-walkers with their bit of plastic baggie (or worse, newspaper, eeewww!) clutched in the non-leash-holding hand, merrily scooting along the sidewalk alongside their airedale, or wolfhound, or coiffed little poodle. Some folks here do clean up after their dogs. Just not in NYU.

I doubt there’s any great meaning behind this, other than yet another way to divide mankind into the inevitable two parts: those who give a (pardon the pun) shit about the comfort of fellow humans, and those who do not. For the record, my mom assidiously cleans up after her pooch when walking in the park or other public spaces. In her own yard, puppy gets to do as she pleases and mom calls it fertilizer. This seems fair to me, though it doesn’t exactly make me want to spend much time wandering in her yard.